Return migration has been named as one of the causes behind the change
observed since 2008 in the historical pattern of Mexico-US immigration
(Passel, Cohn and González-Barrera, 2012). Many

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This paper examines the meaning of the sharp change of migration
policy in Mexico in mid-2019. The purpose of the change was to exert
greater control of migrants and borders. The paper starts

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In this paper, we study the conditions of economic reintegration of returning
migrants from United States, which is one of the greatest challenges
they face returning to Mexico. To analyze an

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Financial Inclusion, Remittances and Entrepreneurship: an experiment in the state of Tlaxcala, Mexico

Alfredo Cuecuecha Mendoza, Patricia Meneses Ortíz, Arturo Vasquez Corona, Gerardo Suárez González

This paper presents a Randomized Control Treatment (RCT) that
consisted in providing smartphones, training in business skills and
financial education to individuals in the State of Tlaxcala,

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This paper aims to investigate the importance of the financial, human
and social capital of returned migrants on the entrepreneurship decision
of these returnees. For this end we use data fro

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Implications of the Theory of Planned Behavior in the returned migrant’s entrepreneurial intention

Erik Tapia Mejía, Beatriz Pico González, Iris Escarlet Betanzos Medina

The objective of this research was to analyze the application of the
Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) in the Entrepreneurial Intention
of the returned migrant applying a Systematic Literature

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This paper analyzes how migrants perceive that international migration
and some assets (physical and productive assets, labor knowledge)
support them to get out of poverty. The methodology co

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By comparing migrants to matched potential migrants with similar
characteristics of their country of origin using Gallup World Poll data, it
is estimated that migrants worldwide assess the qu

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Dolores Del Río was the first Mexican woman to succeed in the United
States. Her condition as returned migrant has received only marginal
attention. In the 1940s, she applied some of the mos

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